When is the best time for my Newborn Shoot?

Newborn Shoots are best done within the first 2 weeks when babies are sleepy and more flexible. During these first few weeks, babies are still in the sleepy newborn phase.. This means they go into a very deep sleep and can be more easily moved and manipulated into position. They have been used to being curled up in the womb and so are easier to curl up and position. They are more floppy in this stage….muscle tone at this stage increases with every day. Further after the 2 week period babies have a growth spurt and are generally more restless. Around 2-6 weeks is also the stage at which all the milk spots an appear on their faces…..and while this can be dealt with to some degree by editing in Photoshop……it makes the editing process more of a challenge. If your baby is born prematurely, then this window of opportunity is longer. I have done newborn type shoots right up to 7 or 8 weeks though, but have to use different props and to do less challenging poses. I am always prepared to try to do a newborn-like shoot in the 2-8 week period if I have the space to fit you in. So please don’t feel you have missed the opportunity if your baby is older than the preferred 2 weeks. I will always try to squeeze in a Newborn Shoot into my diary. I will always do my very best to be able to capture images of baby in these first few weeks.

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