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The Newborn Shoot

The Newborn Shoot is the most popular shoot in the studio as I specialise in Newborn Photography and photograph between 60 – 100 newborn babies per year.

So you are expecting a new baby? How exciting!! The newborn stage is such a fleeting one and can so easily pass in a blur of feeds and changes, sleepless nights, health visitor appointments and just hours sitting cuddling and marvelling at the wonder of this amazing little human you have created. Your baby’s tiny features will grow and change so quickly. Why not consider capturing this very special time with a Newborn Photo Shoot.

Newborn Shoots are best done within the first 2 weeks when babies are sleepy and more flexible. In the first few weeks newborns sleep very deeply and are curled up still after being like this in the womb. So are easier to pose in all those cute poses you see.

A Newborn Shoot is best booked while you are still pregnant. I usually suggest booking after your 12 week scan and by your 20 week scan to be guaranteed a space. Do get in touch as soon as you can while pregnant.  Because babies are very rarely born on their due dates, I can only book a limited number of babies per week in order to give me the flexibility to accommodate early and overdue pre-booked babies. Pre-booked babies will ALWAYS take priority over a baby booking in last minute.

When you book your Newborn Shoot, I reserve a space for you in my diary around the time of your due date, but the actual date is only confirmed once baby arrives. Pre-booking though does guarantee that I will be able to offer you a space within the crucial first 2 weeks and allows me to juggle my diary to fit all expected babies in. You would then just need to notify me of baby’s birth within 24-48 hours and I will offer you a date(s) which I have kept free for you.

Newborn Baby Photo Shoot Kent

I offer three different options for the Newborn Shoots.


This is the full Newborn Shoot which takes 3-4 hours in the studio. I set aside a full day for you so that I can work around you and your baby with plenty of time for feeding, cuddling and settling baby as well as getting those photos. During this shoot I will do 4-6 different scenes.

I am always happy to take photographs of you and your partner with baby or even the whole family with older siblings included. For school age children, I would split the shoot into 2 with one hour reserved on a weekend for the family, siblings and baby shots and 3 hours during the week for baby alone. Parent and Baby Poses can be include either hands and arms and baby shots only, or portrait shots with faces included….as you prefer. These family photos would count as ONE of the five scenes I would plan. Or if you prefer to just have photos of baby then you would get an additional Prop scene. Please let me know if you want to be included in the shoot and whether you just want arms/hands or actual portraits.

A SECOND Scene would be the beanbag shots which are done with naked baby on a blanket on a large specially designed beanbag. I may include headbands and tutus, hats and little outfits and baby blankets in this section. And will also photograph you baby just simply on their own with no props at all.

Then the remaining THREE scenes are the PROP scenes……these are the in and on type shots ie on a bed/in a basket/in a box / in a bucket etc. Here I do also vary little things within the scene like using different hats or props to change the look slightly. So basically you get One Beanbag scene and 4 others…one of which can be Parent/Baby Pose…….or just all baby……….your choice.

This shoot includes one Complimentary 8” x 12” photo print from the shoot to be selected at viewing. This complimentary photo print will be supplied with your paid order.


This is the short and sweet version which takes up to 2 hours in the studio. This shoot includes only 2 scenes, one being a Beanbag scene and the other a simple Prop scene. The Prop Scene will be a simple one due to the limited time. I cannot guarantee any complicated or challenging prop scenes. So here you would be looking at a little bed scene or baby in a basket or box or something of that nature.

Siblings may be included, but no Parent and Baby photos will be done. However, due to the time constraints with this shoot, I will ONLY ALLOW 30 minutes in which to achieve the sibling shots. If after this time, these shots have not been achieved, the siblings will need to leave the studio to enable sufficient time for shots to be taken of the newborn baby. The Basic Newborn Shoot is not suitable for School Age children as these are ONLY done during the week…………unless we can work around school holidays. The Basic Newborn Shoot is also not suitable for Twins or Multiple Babies or newborns over 4 weeks old due to the limited time frame.

This shoot includes one Complimentary 6” x 9” photo print from the shoot to be selected at viewing. This complimentary photo print will be supplied with your paid order.


The Mini Newborn Shoot is an ALL INCLUSIVE OFFER which includes a short session time and 3 Digital Images.

The Mini Newborn Shoot includes:-

*A One Hour Studio Session with full use of all props

*Due to the limited time only Wrapped/Swaddled Photos of Baby will be included.

*A Viewing Session 2-3 weeks later to pick your Favourite 3 Images from a selection of 10-15 photos.

*Your Favourite 3 Images on a Disc or by Digital Download

This Total Shoot Package costs £195. 

A Booking Fee of £95 will secure a space in the diary. The balance of £100 is payable on the day of your shoot


Choosing a Newborn Photographer

Product Prices

Shoot Preparation

How to Book

A non-refundable Booking Fee of £55 is required to book and secure a date for your Newborn Shoot. Should you choose the Premier Newborn Shoot option, the balance of the shoot fee (£30) is payable on the day of the shoot. Payments can be made by Card, Bank Transfer, Cash or Cheque. Photo Shoot Fees only include your shoot, all planning and pre-consultation, first edit of your images to present to you and a personal in studio viewing session. It does not include any photos apart from the Complimentary Print which is only provided with your paid order.

Your photos will be ready to view in 2-3 weeks from your shoot date. I will be in touch to arrange your Viewing/Ordering session which will take place in the studio. All photos are kept for ONE YEAR. Orders may be paid in instalments.

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