Newborn Shoot

The Newborn Shoot

The Newborn Shoot is the most popular shoot in the studio as I specialise in Newborn Photography and photograph between 60 – 100 newborn babies per year. These shoots are in our studio in Broadstairs in Thanet, Kent. I now offer two different options for the Newborn Shoots.


This Premier Newborn Shoot costs £85 for a 3-4 hour shoot with 4 – 5 different scenes. Parent and Baby Photos can be included as well as Sibling and Baby photos. This shoot also includes one Complimentary 8″ x 12″ print of your choice from the shoot to be selected at viewing. (Current Print Price on this size is £40). This complimentary photo print will be supplied with your paid order.

Newborn Photographer Kent     Newborn Photographer Kent

For all Premier Newborn Shoots I plan FIVE scenes…….but am happy if baby gets through FOUR.

I am always happy to take photographs of you and your partner with baby or even the whole family with older siblings included. For school age children, I would split the shoot into 2 with one hour reserved on a weekend for the siblings and baby and 3 hours during the week for baby alone. Parent and Baby Poses can be either hands and arms only…..or faces included….as you prefer. These family photos would count as ONE of the Five scenes I would plan. Or if you prefer to just have photos of baby then you would get an additional Prop scene. Please let me know if you want to be included in the shoot and whether you just want arms/hands or actual portraits.

Mac Family 1      Rafiki 8

A SECOND Scene would be the beanbag shots which are done with naked baby on a blanket on a large specially designed beanbag. You get one choice of colour of blanket, but I do put out 2 blanket options and if baby is good will try to do both. I generally take out 10-15 different hats/flowers/angel wings etc for these kind of photos. I do also do baby in this section without any props at all. For what these images will look like please see example photos below under the Basic Newborn Shoot information.

Then the remaining THREE scenes are the PROP scenes……these are the in and on type shots ie on a bed/in a basket/on a box/in a bucket etc. Here I do also vary little things within the scene like using different hats or props to change the look slightly.

Newborn Shoot      Newborn Photographer Kent

So basically you get One Beanbag scene and 4 others…one of which can be Parent/Baby Pose…….or just all baby……….your choice.

Also don’t forget if there is something personal you wish to do or bring me that is always lovely. If you have a special teddy or toy or something from baby’s nursery it can be included. If you or your partner have a hobby or job you want to bring into the shoot do discuss with me. For example..I have been brought……guitars/drums/dartboards/motorbike helmets and jackets/paintball guns!!!/Grandad’s Naval Officer hat/Boxing Gloves/Skis or Snowboards……you name it I can work around it. Or I have had requests to do something for a Nurse/Teacher, a Fishing scene for Grandad/Gardening scene for a Granny……..and a long list of other things which have special meaning to the family or parents.

The sort of info that is useful to me for planning your shoot is individual elements which I can then combine to plan something different and original for you. So specific props you like eg teacup/bucket/bed etc …..or specific backgrounds you like….or colours/colour schemes or combinations……or hats/flower bands etc   It is useful to know if you have specific colour schemes in your home you want photos matched to for example.


This Shoot costs £55 for a 2 hour shoot. Only 2 scenes will be done with one being a Beanbag scene and the other a simple Prop scene. Siblings may be included, but no Parent and Baby photos will be done. However, due to the time constraints with this shoot, I will ONLY ALLOW 30 minutes in which to achieve the sibling shots. If after this time, these shots have not been achieved, the siblings will need to leave the studio to enable sufficient time for shots to be taken of the newborn baby. The Basic Newborn Shoot is not suitable for School Age children as these are ONLY done during the week…………unless we can work around school holidays.

The Basic Newborn Shoot is not suitable for Twins or Multiple Babies or newborns over 4 weeks old due to the limited time frame.

This shoot includes one Complimentary 6” x 9” photo print from the shoot to be selected at viewing.  (Current Print Price on this size is £35). This complimentary photo print will be supplied with your paid order.

With the Basic Newborn Shoot there will only be 2 scenes……a beanbag scene and a simple prop scene. So the sort of information which is most helpful is colours.


I will choose a colour for the Blanket on the beanbag scene depending on the sex of the baby…..but please feel free to suggest colours to your taste….eg white, baby pink, blue, aqua. Here you will find examples of colours on my Facebook business page.

On the beanbag, I will do completely simple natural images of baby naked with no props at all. I will also do a images with a selections of hats/headbands & tutus for girls/angel or fairy wings. So if there are any hats or headbands etc that you see that you like do let me know. Images from the beanbag scene look like this.

Newborn Shoot     Oliver Nigel 3

Oliver Nigel     Violet Rose 10


This is a simple prop scene due to the limited time, I cannot guarantee any complicated or challenging prop scenes. So here you would be looking at a little bed scene or baby in a basket or box or something of that nature. Again here please feel free to express your preferences of the prop. Also most helpful again is suggestions of colour schemes or backgrounds…..or any other little details like drapes, flowers, soft toys, signs, hats, bunting etc.  The Prop scene could look like this……..

Newborn Shoot     Violet Rose 6

Ideally I photograph newborns within the first 2 weeks when they are sleepy and more flexible. This is because this is the stage when babies are still in the sleepy newborn phase. This means they go into a very deep sleep and can be more easily moved and manipulated into position. They have been used to being curled up in the womb and so are easier to curl up and position. They are more floppy in this stage….muscle tone at this stage increases with every day. Further after the 2 week period babies have a growth spurt and are generally more restless. Around 2-6 weeks is also the stage at which all the milk spots appear on their faces…..and while this can be dealt with to some degree by editing in Photoshop……it makes the editing process more of a challenge. I have done newborn type shoots right up to 7 or 8 weeks though, but have to use different props and to do less challenging poses . I am always prepared to try to do a newborn-like shoot in the 2-8 week period if I have the space to fit you in. So please don’t  feel you have missed the opportunity if your baby is older than the preferred 2 weeks. I will always try to squeeze in a Newborn Shoot. This newborn phase is so precious and passes so very quickly that I will always do my very best to be able to capture images of baby in these first few weeks.

Newborn Shoots are however best booked while you are still pregnant. I usually suggest booking around your 12 week scan or 20 week scan at the latest. When you book your Newborn Shoot, I reserve a space for you in my diary around the time of your due date, but the actual date is only confirmed once baby arrives. Pre-booking though does guarantee that I will be able to offer you a space within the crucial first 2 weeks and allows me to juggle my diary to fit all expected babies in. You would then just need to notify me of baby’s birth within 24-48 hours.

A non-refundable Booking Fee of £55 is required to book and secure a date for your Newborn Shoot. Should you choose the Premier Newborn Shoot option, the balance of the shoot fee (£30) is payable on the day of the shoot. Photo Shoot Fees only include your shoot, all planning and pre-consultation, first edit of your images to present to you and a personal in studio viewing session. It does not include any photos apart from the Complimentary Print which is only provided with your paid order.

At the newborn shoot I am happy to include any siblings in one scene at the beginning…and then continue with the newborn. The older children will then need to leave the studio as there is inadequate space for them to stay for the full shoot. I am also happy to do parent and baby poses as one of the sets if required for the PREMIER NEWBORN SHOOT only. For school age siblings, I do split the Premier Shoot doing baby only during the week, with a 1 hour slot on the nearest weekend for any sibling or family photos.

George Henry 6 Newborn Baby & Child Photographer Kent Caitlyn Nancy Rose 9

If there are any particular props or colour schemes you would like me to use please do let me know in advance. Also if you or your partner have any interests/hobbies etc and would like me to do a themed shot please discuss this with me. Maybe you have a prop like a guitar, motorbike helmet, drum etc which you would like to bring along for me to use in the shoot.

Newborn Photos St Peters, Braodstairs Frankee-Jay Samuel 1

All newborns photographed will also receive a Half Price Gift Voucher for a 6-9 month Sitting Baby Photo Shoot (Older Baby/Child Shoot). If you bring baby to this shoot, then you would receive a Half Price Voucher for a 1 yr shoot. Both of these half price offer shoots will still include the one Complimentary free 6″ x 9″ print of your choice. This complimentary photo print will be supplied with your paid order. At one of these photo shoots you may also include any siblings. I do also like to repeat one or 2 scenes from the newborn shoot to show how baby has grown in relation to the props etc. These photographs make up the series of “Come Back Babies” that you will see on my Facebook Business page.

Your photos will be ready for you to view in 2-3 weeks from your shoot date. We will be in touch to arrange your Viewing/Ordering session which will take place in the studio.


For the both the Premier and the Basic Newborn shoot, I do require a £55 non-refundable Booking Fee in order to confirm your appointment booking. The balance of the photo shoot sitting fee (£30) for the Premier Newborn Shoot is payable on the day of the shoot. Do note also that if a Pregnancy Shoot is booked at the same time as the  Newborn Shoot, a discount is offered.

Newborn Shoot      Newborn Photographer Kent

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