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The Cake Smash Shoot

A Cake Smash Shoot is a wonderful and fun way to celebrate and record your special little person’s 1st or 2nd Birthday with a fun photo shoot in our studio in Broadstairs in Thanet, Kent.

At Kidz Unlimited we have a variety of options for your child’s Birthday Shoot. You can choose between one of the full shoot options of a Cake Smash, a Smash & Splash or a Balloon Bash…or the all inclusive no frills option of the Basic Cake Smash. These options are explained below.

The Cake Smash Shoot £60 (not including the Cake)

The full Cake Smash Shoot includes up to 2 hours in the studio and 5 different scenes the last of these being the Cake Smash Scene. The first 4 scenes will give you beautiful clean photographs in a variety of scenes and outfits before the mess of the Cake Smash begins. The other 4 scenes would be much like what you see in an Older Baby/Child Photo Shoot. You are welcome to suggest ideas that you like in terms of Props, Colour Schemes and Backgrounds. I can even do a scene which is seasonal here ……..so Christmas, Valentines, Easter etc In this portion of the shoot, I am also quite happy to include older siblings and will design some scenes to include all your children, photographing them individually and together.
For the last Cake Smash scene, you are welcome to suggest any colours, props, backgrounds or themes that you like for this section. The themes or colour schemes for a Cake Smash are huge and limited only by your imagination! You as the customer decide on the kind of colours or theme you would like. I am more than happy to help suggesting ideas……I have hundreds……or I can help developing any ideas you might have. I have a large variety of coloured backgrounds which I use…….and an extensive range of tutus and clothing. I will also buy in anything I need to make your cake smash shoot a success. Given enough time to prepare for this shoot nothing is impossible! Inspiration for ideas can come from TV Programmes or films, favourite children’s books, fairy tales or nursery rhymes, a child’s nickname, a favourite toy or something they are interested in; the decor in their bedroom………and probably a lot more places I haven’t even thought of!!
After the shoot is completed with the cake smash scene, baby will have a bath off camera to clean up before going home.

The Smash & Splash Shoot £60 (not including the Cake)

A Smash & Splash Shoot is a variation on the Cake Smash Shoot containing many of the elements of the popular Cake Smash Shoot with a bit for fun added to the getting clean again part! It is another Fun Shoot to celebrate your little one’s first or second Birthday.
This shoot consists of 3 scenes. We will start with a warm up scene with one background and change of clothes but will use a few different prop elements here like a chair, suitcases, pram, toys etc. This warm up scene allows the baby or toddler to settle down in the studio environment and get used to the studio lights and atmosphere. The baby can be dressed in their own clothes or you may prefer to use studio clothing. Photos from this scene will give you some good portraits for your walls before the mess begins!
The second scene is the Cake Smash portion of the shoot. This is the part where baby will be presented with a cake and we will photograph all the mess and fun that ensues. We will plan this scene for you based on your ideas.
After this messy Cake Smash scene a very quick tidy up is done and the last and final scene prepared. A bath tub of warm water and bubbles is brought into the studio and baby is put into the bath to clean up. Most babies love a bath and so photos capturing this element of the shoot can provide happy photos of your little one splashing and having fun.

The Balloon Bash Shoot £60

A Balloon Bash Shoot is similar to the Cake Smash Shoot ……but without the cake and mess!! This shoot is was originally designed for babies with wheat, gluten or diary allergies where the Cake Smash Shoot was not an option and before I had a cake maker able to cope with these food allergies. It is also good for the child who does not like mess or is over sensitive to textures.
I try to do 5 scenes in the shoot……….and with the Balloon Bash being the last scene of the shoot. You are welcome to suggest colours or backgrounds that you like for the Balloon Bash Scene. The Balloon Bash Scene is a scene set up like a party with lots of balloons for baby to play with and I then photograph them doing this.

The Cake £25

For the Cake Smash or Smash & Splash Shoot, the cake is not included. You have 2 options…….You are welcome to make or supply your own cake?? Or I have arranged a discounted price on the Giant Cupcakes from LexiLou. She normally sells them for £35 to £45 depending on the decoration …but for me they are only £25………which I pass onto you at the same price. I do also have a Cake Supplier who is able to do cakes for babies with allergies. Please do speak to me about this if your baby is dairy, gluten or wheat intolerant.  Your cake will be designed to suit your theme and/or colour scheme. I will pick up and have the cake ready for you. I will still charge for cakes if they are made to order and the shoot is cancelled at short notice.
I do require a £60 non-refundable Booking Fee to secure a space in my diary for your Cake Smash, Smash & Splash or Balloon Bash Photo Shoot. The cost of the Cake if taken through me is payable on the day of the shoot.

The Photos

Photos from any of these 3 Birthday Shoot options will be selected and prepared for an in-person viewing in the studio within 2-3 weeks of your shoot. We will contact you when they ready to view to set up your Viewing/Ordering Session. At this viewing session you will then select the images and products you wish to purchase, No Photos are included in the Shoot Fee paid except an 8” x 12” Complimentary Print which is only provided with your paid order. Photo Packages start at £150.

I do create a Collage of photos for both the Cake Smash Scene and the Splash Scene and when purchasing these collages as digital images, they are greatly discounted and all photos in the collage are provided along with the collage itself.

I do keep photos for ONE YEAR and orders can be PAID OFF in instalments.
All Packages and Product Prices can be found at the link at the bottom of this page

The Basic Cake Smash Shoot

This is an All-in-One No Frills Birthday Shoot Package to celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday. The Basic Cake Smash gives you one hour in the studio with one scene only. Baby will be photographed with our large ONE Letters for some cute photos before things get messy. Then baby will be presented with a Giant Cupcake to smash and we will photograph all the mess and fun.
The shoot includes
• 1 hour in the studio
• 1 simple scene designed to suit your taste and colour scheme
• One Giant Cupcake decorated to match the scene (please discuss any allergies with me)
• Helium filled Balloons to match the scene which you take home with you
• Props & Outfits for your Cake Smash from our studio range
• Selection and first edit of your images
• A Viewing Session 2-3 weeks after your shoot.
• A beautifully prepared collage telling the story of your Cake Smash which will be printed for you as a 12” x 12” Block Mount ready to hang on your wall, which will serve as a lovely keepsake.
• You will also receive this collage and the photos included in it as digital images with Print Rights on disc or as a digital download.
• Additional Photos or Products may be bought and would be charged separately.

This shoot is priced at £250. Half of this, £125 is payable on booking and the £125 balance is payable on the day of the shoot.
***No discount vouchers are redeemable on The Basic Cake Smash Shoot***
***This shoot is for baby only. No siblings will be included***

Product Prices

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