Baby’s First Christmas

//Baby’s First Christmas

Baby’s First Christmas

The last couple of months have been so SUPER BUSY……it can only mean one thing……Christmas is approaching at an astonishing speed!!!

I am constantly reminded how many of you will be enjoying your baby’s first Christmas.


If you are one of those people who are counting down the days until you can start on the mince pies and yule logs and have already started on their Christmas playlist then there is no doubt you have started Christmas shopping already!

If you have a small baby to buy for then Christmas often goes one of two ways. Your tree will either be hidden behind a mound of presents so large that there is no way this little baby can enjoy them all, or you are stuck on Christmas eve still not quite sure what to get them.

What to Buy for Baby?

A first Christmas is a great time to get something special though, so here are some of our top picks if you are feeling stuck.
1) A Wooden Trolley – This may be something to grow into if they are still tiny but sometimes a gift to grow into is the best kind. A wooden trolley to push around is a gift that will grow with them. Choose one with blocks in to make it suitable from 6 months as they learn to push over towers, then later to stack them up and finally to take to their shaky legs and learn to walk. They are such classic toys that they are perfect to pass down to future children or keep for the grandchildren too.

2) Photo shoot – You only get one first Christmas so why not book in for a photo shoot! Preserve these precious memories and make a gift for family and friends too by giving them copies with their Christmas cards. Book early to avoid disappointment!

3) Personalised bauble to begin a tradition – If you want to begin a Christmas tradition then now is the perfect time. How about choosing a ‘My first Christmas’ bauble and adding to it with a new special decoration each year. Your tree will always be unique and every ornament will be precious.

4) Rocking Horse – All babies seem to love to rock and there is so much choice when it comes to rocking horses. Choose a soft one that they can learn to climb on and off themselves or buy a vintage wooden one that you can upcycle, paint in your favourite colours and make into something unique.

5) Personalised story book – Our final suggestion is a personalised story book. Have your baby’s name written into the story and make a magical bedtime tale to being out every year as soon as December begins. If you have a new baby in the family then this is a great gift for a niece or nephew too and once that can be saved for the memory boxes to dig out when they are all grown.

Buying for a baby’s first Christmas can be so exciting and it is a truly magical time. Whether your little bundle will be a babe in arms or joining you at the Christmas dinner table for their first taste of sprouts, make it a special one.

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