Dorothy Rose – Dover Newborn Baby Photographer

Dover Newborn Baby Photo Shoot

Dover Newborn Baby Photo Shoot – introducing 8 day old Dorothy Rose I love being a Newborn Photographer …….and I love secrets!! So felt so special being in on this one. Mum and Dad shared with me the name they had planned for their new baby girl…..Dorothy Rose…..such a pretty name! So ofcourse we had…
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Joshua James – Herne Bay – Newborn Baby Photographer

Herne Bay Newborn Baby Photographer

Joshua James – 6 days old – Herne Bay Newborn Photographer This gorgeous baby boy from Herne Bay came in for his Newborn Photo Shoot when he was only 6 days old. It is very important to do a Newborn Photo Shoot within the first 2 weeks of a baby’s life when they are still…
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Amelia Rose – Canterbury Newborn Baby Photo Shoot

I was just so excited when Mum, Amy phoned to book her newborn shoot for her new baby. There is nothing greater than a client returning for a Newborn Photo Shoot with their next baby. Amelia Rose was just such a baby! I photographed her brother, Charlie’s Shoot almost 3 years previously. Charlie had also been back to the studio several times since so it was great to see him again too! So the shoot was a lovely re-union. Amelia was 10 days old on the day of the shoot and was just the perfect little model. We started off with some Sibling Shots with Charlie and his baby sister. He was such a good Big Brother too and did so well holding Amelia on his lap and grinning at me as he did. Daddy then took Charlie off to play while we continued with Amelia’s photographs.

We did some lovely pink and girly scenes which all Mum’s who have had a boy before dream of. Amy brought several special blankets and we were able to incorporate some of these. Then we did some photographs to match some of those done in Charlie’s newborn shoot. We did a Classic shot of Amelia curled up on a black blanket as well as the famous Milkshake shot. When Charlie was a newborn we had photographed him as a dollop of cream on top of a Chocolate Milkshake. A few weeks before that Amy’s sister, Hannah had brought her newborn baby girl to the studio and I had photographed her as a Strawberry Milkshake. So ofcourse now Amy wanted her own little Strawberry Milkshake to match. (PLEASE NOTE………THESE PHOTOGRAPHS WERE TAKEN WITH EXTREME CARE AND CAUTION. The vase used is an Acrylic one and the baby was never left unattended. )

Lastly as Amelia’s Daddy is in the army they had wanted to incorporate this in some way and so Dan had brought in his Army Bag which we used to put Amelia into. We took the opportunity do make Daddy a Christmas Card Image of this at the same time!

Here are some of the images of this beautiful baby girl………

Newborn Shoots are however best booked while you are still pregnant. I usually suggest booking around your 12 week scan or 20 week scan at the latest. When you book your Newborn Shoot, I reserve a space for you in my diary around the time of your due date, but the actual date is only confirmed once baby arrives. Pre-booking, though does guarantee that I will be able to offer you a space within the crucial first 2 weeks and allows me to juggle my diary to fit all expected babies in.

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